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The Steamy Wonder Spa

The steamy wonder is a steam treatment which creates an artificial fever, which can cure many illnesses. The best way to steam is lying on a comfortable soft massage table so your body is evenly heated for maximum blood flow. Special organic herbs and essential oils, such as rose and lavender, can be added to the steam to enhance your experience. An average person can easily lose 500 grams of sweat in the sauna (the equivalent of running 3 to 4 miles) or 475 to 600 calories. The water loss is regained by re-hydration, while the calories and fatty tissue remain burned off. As you relax in the Steamy Wonder Spa, your body is actually working to eliminate toxins and burn fat. Weight loss is enhanced because body fat becomes water soluble and the body can more easily eliminate fats, toxins, and heavy metals. During the treatment circulations is dramatically increased allowing more profound detoxification and purification.

Session: 4pk $100    $35 Single    

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